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Want access to any courses or manuals purchased when you are out of the office and even in a skating lesson? Download the Kajabi app on iTunes or the Kajabi app on Google Play and the community, course, manual etc. will be at your finger tips!

100% Off Recorded 6 Steps to Skill Sequencing Recorded July 2022 Use Coupon Code: SKILLSEQUENCING2023 

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50%Off Working with Children Workshop Recorded February 20 & 27, 2022 Use Coupon Code: CHILDREN2023

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50% off Plyometrics for Skaters Videos Use Coupon Code PLYOMETRICS2023 at checkout  Offer good until 31 December 2023

50% Off Games for Chldren Manual (Save $5 USD)Use Coupon Code: CHILDREN2023 at checkout Offer good until 31 December 2023

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Product Discounts


25%-30% off Rollerblade brand skates-Minimum Purchase 80 Euros ($90 USD) (Select Countries ONLY- Countries with a Shopping Cart Icon are eligible for discount.) 

  • Contact the ICP office for Discount Code [email protected]

Tomsen Snowskates

Save 30% ONLINE ONLY until the end of December 2023 with code: icpinstructor

Inline Warehouse


Zephr Adventures

Through our partnership, Zephyr is offering all of our instructors a $200 commission for every new tour booking (has to be someone that isn’t already in their database). Additionally, you are able to offer your students/skating friends a $100 discount on their trip. If you have any questions regarding our referral partnership, please feel free to reach out to Beth Peluse, Zephyr’s Marketing Director, at [email protected].


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